The Clouds of Depression


Depression can rear up from nowhere and for no real reason. In the midst of ‘feeling fine’, a dark cloud can cast its foreboding shadow over you. It can start in the form of feeling mildly irritated by something and before you know it, the rain has set in and it’s not moving any time soon.

I have had many, many bouts of these low feelings and I have noticed they usually crop up just after an expansion in conciousness has occurred or when there has been an opening to some kind to ‘new spiritual territory’. It seems like the opening up to new levels of experience has some kind of hangover to it.

I used to really struggle with these bouts of depression, especially after feeling so free and boundless during the ‘expansion’ experiences. It feels like going back to square one in many ways. It’s like being hurled off a skyscraper having walked all the way to the top and you were just starting to enjoy the view.

From my experience with this kind of depression, there is no use trying to ‘work it out’. It is not there to be picked apart and analysed. It’s as much a part of experience as the expansive times and trying to dissect it only prolongs and deepens the low feeling.

It also doesn’t help to ‘positive think’ your way out of it either. The most effective way is to simply let it be there. It doesn’t need your attention and you can do nothing to prevent or counteract it. Be kind to yourself and be understanding of that what is happening is not in your control. You don’t need to be the victim of the depression and you also don’t need to try and snap yourself out of it.

Let it be without trying to let it be. It will pass, like it always does and you will still be there to witness it go.

~ Dan ~


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