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After an intense spiritual search for ‘who he truly was’, Dan O’Rourke made an extraordinarily ordinary discovery. He discovered that he was already what he was searching for. Through this realisation, he came to know a peace, joy and happiness untouched by the fleeting scenes of life. Following this awakening to his true nature, Dan has been drawn to inspiring others to find the truth of their being within their own hearts and to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

He lives on the Danish island of Bornholm, with his partner and baby daughter.


Dan is the author of See Through You: A Guide to Spiritual Realisation

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Book Description
Who are you, really? Who is this ‘me’ that is the centre of your world? In See Through You, author Dan O’Rourke takes you on a journey into the depths of your being, seeking an answer to the fundamental question at the very heart of our existence: who am I? … Read more

Available to download as an ebook here


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